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About Us

ABBEY was created in 1969. When Clark Senior opened his store, it had vacuums, carpet, and various homegoods. Sales and service was a part of everday life at ABBEY.  Clark, Sr. could fix just about anything!  When his wife Jean had to have her sewing machine repaired, her husband was the right person for the job.  Well, try as he may, that first sewing machine repair proved to be much bigger than anyone had ever thought.  After a lot of work, it was determined that the sewing machine needed new parts.  He called around, no one had the parts.  He called the manufacturer, they had the parts, but..."Sorry Sir only authorized dealers can get those parts".  My dad never knew what his next question would create, "How do you become a dealer?"  Back then you had to buy machines.  When he explained this to my mother, she may have surprised him when she said, "Great Idea,  I will call some of my friends.  I bet they would love a new sewing machine, too."  Before you could say"Singer", my mother and her friends were opening their new machines.

They had a blast learning and sharing their new joy of sewing, and when a new customer came in the door, upon seeing all the excitement, the customer would ask, "Do you sell sewing machines?!"  My father did not miss his que, he said, "Yes, Yes we do."  He then smiled at my mother and said, "Welcome to the Abbey Sewing Center."

Today, Abbey Sewing Center has five locations to serve you.  We are a leader in the sewing industry with Top Rated Accredited Educators, and Certified Service Technicians.  We at Abbey Sewing Centers live our slogan--"Treating Customers Like Old Friends".  All of us at Abbey Sewing Center invite you to come in and add us to your list of friends.